growing like weeds!

I swear if I sit still and look hard enough, I can actually see them growing!   Especially the zucchini – the pics don’t do it justice, but they’re HUGE!

I planted too many things in each container this year because last year nothing really grew very well.  But I have 4 or 5 cute little yellow zucchini already!

This zucchini was starting to worry me a bit, because I thought the silver on the leaves looked like mildew or something, but I googled it and much to my surprise/relief, it is supposed to look like that!  YAY!  Zucchini is my favorite, and its virility just makes me love it even more.

Everything else is flowering and sprouting like MAD.  Here’s a sampling of the jungle madness.

Our beautiful orange cherry tomato plant is pretty much done tomatoing – we bought him sorta fully grown and got a couple dozen deliciously sweet tomatoes from a wee hanging pot.

I also got some stevia this year, and threw it in with the watermelon.  Has anyone ever grown stevia?  So far, I’ve eaten a couple of leaves for fun, but I’m not sure what else to do with it. I’m thinking of making some iced tea and putting it in, but other suggestions encouraged!

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