good news saturday

Here’s the good news post of the week!

A survey of the garden this morning yielded a bounty of surprises. Some of the veggies are ready for eating, and others are well on their way.  Everything is thriving so well this year, I shake my head in disbelief every time I glance outside!

By far the most exciting so far are the zucchini monsters.  I harvested my first one today! Then I decided to count how many others were growing. There are four pots of zucchini all together, two green and two yellow.

Take a guess how many zucchini are growing in these four pots.  I asked Alia, and she guessed 15.  I knew I should overestimate, so I guessed 20-25.  Then I counted.  At the present moment, these four pots are sprouting 44 yellow zucchini and 33 green zucchini!!  If even half of these make it to harvest, we’ll be eating zucchini every day for a month!

Some beautiful heads of lettuce just waiting for us to make time to make salads.  I’m giddy just thinking about the salads I’m going to make!

These beans are sly! I had no idea any beans had even started growing, but something yellow caught the corner of my eye, and when I moved the leaves aside, there they all were!

One perfect little tomato is growing on the Better Bush tomato (above) and one perfect giant tomato should be starting to ripen soon on the ‘German Johnson’ heirloom tomato (below).

Both have tons of flowers, and so does the cherry tomato.  Adorable mini cucumbers are starting to appear too, so hopefully we’ll have more salad ingredients soon.

My experimental edamame plant is getting huge, and has a ton of perfect little purple and white flowers on it! no sign of beans yet, but I have high hopes!

And speaking of experiments, the most delightful surprise was the appearance of five perfect little teeny watermelons!

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