My little squirrel friend managed to go through 3 more tomatoes and a zucchini, while completely ignoring all the peanut butter and crackers lovingly laid out in his metal palace.  Even after I dragged the tomato to the middle of the deck and sprinkled horrible smelling squirrel repellent (contents: dried blood, rotten egg solids, and garlic oil) all around it, the obsessive bugger just walked right through it and climbed up into the plant!  Folk wisdom online suggests tomatoes are like crack for squirrels, and once they’ve got a taste, *nothing* can stop them.  So then I had a sudden insight, which really should have been obvious all along – bait the trap with a tomato!

And sure enough, within a day i had caught him!

Unfortunately, all the days of *not* catching the squirrel had caught me off guard, and I had failed to plan ahead.  The animal control people advised us to take him to a park 5-6 miles away, across a body of water, otherwise they can find their way back (!).  But Alia is in Canada with the car, and not due to be back for 4 days.  After racking my brain for a couple of hours, I finally thought of a friend who just might help me with the weirdest favor ever asked (thanks Vera!)  In the end, he ran off free and happy into the bushes at Lighthouse Point Park.

To celebrate, I came home and picked the entire crop of edamame and had an awesome and salty afternoon snack.

Nature does not hesitate to interfere with me, so I do not hesitate to tamper with it.
~Henry Mitchell, garden writer

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