spring is springing

As longtime readers know, my garden and I were uprooted in the middle of the growing season last year. So this is my first spring with the new deck, and even though it’s barely April, I’m itching to get back outside.  There’s still a risk of frost here for a couple more weeks, but I’ve started planting a few hardy veggies and flowers, and cleaning up the wretched mess left over from the winter and hurricane.

One of the few veggies that can withstand these cold temps is broccoli.  I’ve never been quite sure if it would be worthwhile, but it won me over this year by letting my get started playing in the dirt early. I planted four little sprigs of broccoli, which I think should produce one head each, plus some side shoots.  For the time being, I added a few pansies to fill in the larger container, though if they start to crowd the broccoli, I’ll have to move them around. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from gardening, it’s that “pansy” should really refer to someone who’s super tough and can withstand pretty much anything!


I also cleaned up the chives and repotted them — it really amazes me how they just live and live and keep on living, no matter what I do to them.DSC_0001

I forced myself to wait another week to plant anything more, and so today I added some romaine lettuce, which happily can take the shadier spots.DSC_0008

I also planted some sugar snap pea seeds, which represents my first time growing these and I’m really excited because they’re one of my favorite snacks.  I’m planning to put them on the lower level once they start to get longer, and train them up the side of the deck.  This is also my first time growing anything from seed (well aside from the failed carrot experiment) so fingers crossed! DSC_0010

I also added some herbs, which I may have to bring inside this week, and a strawberry pot full of strawberries.  For some instant color there are a few more pansies, and a new favorite – anemones! The red and purple poppy-like flowers got compliments before I even left the nursery!DSC_0018

If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then unto me.
~William Shakespeare

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  1. Greta James says:

    I tried broccoli a few years ago….it grew big and beautiful and soon I had these lovely broccoli heads on it. I was very excited, but when I went to eat it it tasted like tire….it was disgusting….I think I may not have watered it enough, but a long time organic gardener friend of mine said you need to choose your breed really carefully or it is very bitter…. what I want to know is why they even bother selling bitter breeds of broccoli?? Who breed for THAT?

  2. That does seem bizarre! One thing I’ve definitely heard a lot is that if you plant it when it’s too warm out (or don’t pick it until it gets too warm out) then it will become bitter, and same thing if it flowers before you pick it. So hopefully I’m avoiding that by starting super early, but I guess time will tell!

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