temporary insanity

It’s tomato time! I’ve been deliberating for weeks about which varieties to plant this year, and have slowly been picking up one or two plants here and there. But over the weekend I discovered several new nurseries, one of which had the most amazing selection of tomato plants I’d ever seen! And so, like nip to a cat, a bout of temporary insanity set in and I ended up bringing home 12 tomato plants! (Reminder: I don’t actually have a garden.)

So, without further ado, here is this year’s tomato lineup:

sun gold

Sun Gold Cherry
(Indeterminate, 65 days)

zebra cherry

Zebra Cherry (x2)
(Determinate, 70 days)

chocolate cherry

Chocolate Cherry
(Indeterminate, 70 days)


Italian Ice Cherry
(Indeterminate, 65 days)

jaune flamme

Jaune Flammé
(Indeterminate, 75 days)


Yellow Brandywine
(Indeterminate, 80 days)


Cherokee Purple
(Indeterminate, 85 days)


Big Rainbow
(Indeterminate, 90 days)

black krim

Black Krim
(Indeterminate, 75 days)


Pink Caspian
(Indeterminate, 80 days)

purple russian

Purple Russian
(Indeterminate, 76 days)

What I’m going to do with them all, I have no idea! Friends, please plan your August vacations accordingly.

Only two things that money can’t buy
That’s true love and home grown tomatoes.

~John Denver, Home Grown Tomatoes


3 thoughts on “temporary insanity

  1. Now wonder a “temporary insanity” set in. With all those ‘crazy’ varieties, you’d be ‘nuts’ to not pick them up. Guess a run to the dollar store for more rubber-made planting bins will be in order.

  2. Well they all look pretty neat. I especially like the looks of the chocolate cherry and Italian Ice cherry. Good luck with them. Two words of advice “Miracle Grow”

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