unique parking-lot-garden pests

Every garden has its own unique problems, but I think my latest issue may be uniquier than most. One of the local inhabitants of my garden absolutely demolished one of my zucchini planters and shoved a bunch of the other plants around in their pots.  As I was contemplating whether an army of squirrels had teamed up and gone berserk on the garden (I wouldn’t put it past them!) it dawned on me that this was the work of the rarely seen garden pest known as urbanus automobilus.  2014-07-25 11.12.41

(It was a car. Being in the parking lot, someone just backed right into the pot while pulling out!)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. bjstarmans says:

    Oopsie. Wasn’t me.

  2. Rob says:

    Those tire spikes that police use should solve the problem…

  3. youngerstarmans says:

    I take it there was no note…

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