the magical reappearing garden

Ok, it wasn’t actually very magical at all – as my sore muscles will attest. ┬áBut it has (finally) reappeared – got a late start this year since I was away for most of May, but I’m making up for that by planting an even crazier amount of veggies than last year.

Before2013-12-07 14.30.29


2014-05-26 11.24.39


2014-05-31 16.15.06

Hard to believe that tiny box of plants turned into this chaotic pile, much less that it will turn into the ridiculous jungle that I know (yet don’t quite believe) will be here in a month.

For anyone in the New Haven area, I can’t resist a shout out to my favorite place to get plants. River Crest Farm has an amazing selection of tomato varieties, and almost anything else you might want to plant, plus donkeys, pigs, rabbits, cows, ponies, and these crazy crazy peacocks! (Must be one hot peahen…)2014-05-24 13.30.41

I’ll leave the details of this year’s plantings til my next post.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.